Testimonials for Suzanne Grossman and Love Your Job Search

Wanted you to know that I got the job!!I’m beyond thrilled and excited. I can’t wait to be in an environment that celebrates my spirit. And pays me $20K more too! Thank you for your help in the process and for all of your guidance. I always tell people what a difference your class made in my life, and now I have proof.
I can’t thank you enough! This class changed my life. I was stuck in a job, and you provided me with such essential tools, guidance, and inspiration to make a big leap and change careers, finding a fantastic job that I’m so fulfilled by! Your coaching and continued guidance have been amazing. This is the most valuable present I’ve ever given myself. Thank you again!
You have been a truly invaluable supporter of my dreams and amazing resource full of amazing advice. Thank you for believing in me and helping me get here along the way.
Thank you for leading such a great workshop – it was really illuminating and inspiring. I can’t wait to get going with my job search now!
A.Z. (Skillshare participant)
I owe you a huge thanks. The workshop gave me the confidence and resources to make a very big leap into a new field and not regret one moment! I never thought I’d actually feel so much gratification from my job.
I just wanted to let you know that I have a new job that I absolutely love. The tips from your class helped me to secure the position. First, I decided to let go of my fears about networking and met with a couple of old bosses. I told them about my interests and asked if they could help. As a result, one of them recommended me for this job. Second, I practiced my ‘interview story’ so I was more than prepared during the interview. One more thing….your class also taught me how to connect and listen to my inner voice. I had a gut feeling that although this job was not what I was originally looking for, I knew it was right for this season of my life. Thanks again for everything.
I want to send a thank you for your class. It was such a worthwhile investment. You clearly know your stuff and strike a great balance between motivating us and helping us figure out what we need to do to motivate ourselves.
I applied for the position you sent me and interviewed yesterday. They hired me! I’m very excited! I’m starting next Monday!
Thank you so much, Suzanne, for all you’ve done for our group! You are a truly talented instructor and connector. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move on from the crazy month I’ve had without the support of this class and all I’ve learned from it.
I wanted to let you know that I have started working!! (FINALLY!!). It was a long journey and of course this is only the beginning but I wanted to thank you again for such an empowering class, it really helped me to focus and hone in on what I was looking for and what I wanted in a job.
It was great to finally meet you. Your class was very inspiring and I love your approach to teaching.
Love Your Job helped keep me focused on finding the job that was right for me. Within two months of the class ending and while continuing to be in communication with Suzanne, I got an interview for my dream job. I called my mom and said this is my dream job…this is my job! I was made an offer the next day and accepted. I do not think I would have had the same focus, self-reflection, or persistence without Suzanne’s Love Your Job Class being a part of my life.
I got a new job and I think this one is THE one I have been waiting for!The company and the industry as a whole are growing so quickly — there is certain to be lots of professional development and opportunity.  I am really excited. Thank you for your ongoing support!
I just came back from my final interview and wanted to share it with you – I got the job! This is such an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much for your help and resources, it was invaluable! I can’t believe I got a job at a dream company within 2 weeks of graduating from the class!”
I wanted to email you personally and let you know that I got the job and negotiated for a higher salary!  Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and belief in me!  LYJ was such a great experience and really helped me to take that next step.  Thank you!
“I am so happy I took this class because I have learned so much about myself on this journey. Those homework assignments forced me to confront my fears and now I feel confident about my future. Thank you for allowing me to become a part of the class. You have made an indelible mark in my life for which I am extremely grateful.”
“I was recently given a great offer, which I accepted…I have to say thank you for all the information provided, I felt so much more empowered and confident during the entire interview and job search process. The LYJ class has been a tremendous help for me and has given me tools to use for my entire career not just for finding a new job.”
“I landed a dream job in late August and am so thankful to LYJ and all of you for your support. The LYJ assignments and having to be accountable on a weekly basis definitely set me on the right path to score my new job!”
“Because of the class, your leadership, and the contributions of all of the other women, I feel 100% better about my job search and what’s coming next for me.”
“Suzanne’s guidance was crucial for my interview preparation and salary negotiation. And…I got the job!
“Your class really helped me narrow down my job search which was a huge step from my previous search. The class also made me do the things you know you’re supposed to do during a job search (revamp resume, write cover letters, ask people for help, practice interviewing) but don’t necessarily want to. The accountability partner aspect really helped me stay on track.”
“I made one of my best friends in an LYJ seminar. Thank you. LYJ is good for jobs and friends!”
“After my second class and thanks to Suzanne I found a job that I am very satisfied with.”
“A couple weeks ago I read my dream job description I wrote during your class and I realized that so many things at my new job fit the bill!  Isn’t that funny? It feels like just the right thing for right now. Thanks for helping me get here, without me realizing it!”
“Taking your class has really helped connect me to my purpose and my creative flow. I’ve had more ideas about my work and myself in the last month than anytime in the last year.
“I think LYJ sets its alumnae apart from the rest of the candidate pool and gives us a nice, proactive edge. It had been 4 years since I’d gone on an interview or written a resume, so LYJ helped me refresh those skills. Taking your class was somewhat of an impulse decision and it was probably one of the most productive things I did in 2010.”
“Suzanne played an instrumental role in my career change. She influenced me to enroll in classes and obtain internships to learn more about the field I was interested in. She also encouraged me to network more than I otherwise would have. My enrollment in a course at the Foundation Center enabled me to obtain an internship that resulted in a part-time job offer. Increased networking led to a second internship opportunity, which helped me get the full-time job I have today. Suzanne coached me through the whole process, from informational interviews to my final interview with my current employer. I highly recommend working with Suzanne. She helped me figure out my goals and taught me how to make them realities!”
“I’m so happy that I participated in Suzanne’s LYJ workshop. Suzanne provided the right combination of tools for personal and career exploration and concrete search methods. I really enjoyed meeting other fabulous job-seekers whose support and feedback helped revive me in my job search!”
“I want to thank you for your ongoing support. It truly keeps me uplifted in challenging times. I feel lucky to have met you – and actually many great people – through this search process. I certainly could not have looked at my life in March and seen all these wonderful new people and opportunities.
“Thanks for such a great class –   I loved it!!!!!!!!”
“LYJ, and getting to know Suzanne, changed the way I approached the crucial work of job-searching. Suzanne introduced to me a compassionate, thoughtful approach to job searching. The seminar made me a believer in affirmative thinking around the process, as well as equipped me with a whole new toolbox full of tools to make the best use of my time working towards my dream job. Suzanne has an amazing talent for seeing all possible connections between people: a modern guru on networking. Suzanne has maximized her natural talents to help others with LYJ, which was tremendously valuable for me.”
“Suzanne helped me release my fears and doubts about pursuing the career of my dreams. She helped me see that it was already quite clear what I wanted to do and encouraged me to just go for it. At the time it certainly didn’t seem clear to me, and now it is what I am completely focused on achieving!
“Suzanne has this rare, hard-to-describe quality that helps mirror back to people things they can’t see in themselves. She has this way of calmly, deliberately pinpointing what someone is feeling, thinking, or really good at… when they themselves can’t see it.  It’s almost like she is an intuitive when it comes to identifying people’s skills. The magic ingredient is SUZANNE. The same information delivered by someone else just would not be anywhere near as powerful.” 
Manisha Thakor, author and personal finance expert
“Suzanne is helpful with EVERYTHING! This includes ‘dream job envisioning’ and setting goals, personal support, a reminder not to stress when goals cannot be met, putting things in perspective, resume and cover letter feedback, thank you notes, networking and making connections, helping with research and career paths, and on and on.” 
“Suzanne takes people seriously and believes in them.
“Suzanne, you offer solid, clear, concise advice. You have the ability to break down something complicated (messy networks, unclear goals) and simplify the process in a way that makes it seem manageable. Additionally, you have a great listening ear. You’re calm, and patient. You have a way to ask the right questions in order to get the best idea of what an applicant is seeking.  I also think you’re perceptive. You knew right away, for example, that I was not suited for non-profit work and would be best suited in the corporate world. Last – you’re able to isolate a person’s best (most marketable) assets. For example, because I worked in the Navy and in finance, I’m accustomed to working in an all male environment, and should probably try to use that as a marketing tool.  I never would have thought of that as a skill, had you not suggested it.”
“Suzanne Grossman has acted as a career coach for me for over four years, ever since my senior year at Rutgers University graduating from both the university and the Institute for Women’s Leadership. Just recently she sent an extremely well matched [dream] job lead my way. Three weeks later I’ve been through two interviews and the company ‘loves me’ and is looking to hire me as soon as possible.”