About Suzanne Grossman

Suzanne Grossman is a Brooklyn-based writer, job search coach, and women’s leadership specialist. She is a founder of Love Your Job (LYJ) Search, a series of classes that support women in achieving fulfilling work at the compensation they deserve. She also advises college students, teaching them practical skills and sharing information on how to make the leap to satisfying careers. Suzanne has a BA in Psychology from Tufts University and a Master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University. She also has a blog page on the Huffington Post. See testimonials on Suzanne’s success working with women jobseekers. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @LYJnow and @Suzanne_LYJnow. Contact lyjnow (at) gmail.com.

Five Questions for Dana Weissman

Dana Weissman loves her job as Director of Programs at the Writers Guild of America, East. She has worked in the nonprofit/arts world—specializing in cultural communications, audience development, and business development—for 12 years. Dana directs all member events and programs for WGAE including elections, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, social events, screenings, film festival outreach, and the

Secrets of My Success: From “Just a Job” to Passionate Director of PR

Vanessa* is a thirty-something PR, events and marketing professional who just scored a Director of Public Relations job at a major arts and education institution in New York City. How did she bounce back to her dream job after being laid off three years ago? Read Vanessa’s Secrets of My Success:

1. How long were you

Relationships Are for the Long Haul

If you had told me at age 19 that I would be friends with people from my college internship in Boston 20 years later, I would have laughed at you, finding that impossible to imagine. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. College students have a hard time thinking long-term about relationships, but so do more experienced

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Why Read “Lean In”

I was determined not to like Sheryl Sandberg’s much-buzzed-about book “Lean In: Women, Work, And the Will to Lead”. Similar to critical articles I read, I questioned why a woman in a position of power and influence, not to mention privilege, would be telling us that women need to be doing…more. It made me tired just

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Should You Turn Your Affirmation Into a Question?

Since I always provide jobseekers in my classes with a list of affirmations to help improve their mindset, I was intrigued to read in Daniel Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, research about the power of putting affirmations in question form. He cites a study in 2010 where participants

Ask Your Network for Job Search Help Using the “Two-Part Email”

I’ve written previously on how to ask your network for job search help using a “Need a Favor” approach where you send out a clear and specific group email.

What about email introductions? How do you ask for an introduction to a potential job search contact, such as a second degree connection on LinkedIn, without being a

Self-Care for the Last Weeks of Winter

Has anyone else been experiencing the hectic pace of February and March? With the holidays behind us and spring in front of us, we’re in the heart of a more active and busy season. If you are job seeking or considering a career change, it’s especially important to restore your energy to continue forward with

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Confessions of a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur by Selena Soo

I loved this post so much by Selena Soo, LYJ friend and fellow INFJ, I asked for permission to repost it here. If you’ve ever felt you were too sensitive for your workplace, you’ll appreciate Selena’s story, which first appeared on a terrific site called Positively Positive.

My Struggles in the Workplace

Early in my career as

Ten Inspirational Quotes for Jobseekers

I love inspirational quotes so when I saw a recent article promising “best inspirational quotes for jobseekers”, I excitedly clicked through. Unfortunately, the quotes left me feeling a bit flat. They were of the “rah rah” and “success involves lots of hard work – you can do it” variety. I’ve found that in jobseeking periods,

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Embrace Winter Cocooning

I spent this past weekend at Kripalu, the holistic retreat center in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. The trip, taken with my mom, reminded me of how valuable it can be to embrace the contemplative period during the colder months of the year.

Up with the snow and views of mountains, I found myself thinking of