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Jen Bird is a legal recruiter and Managing Director with the legal search firm RPN Executive Search where she advises attorneys at all levels and specializes in legal in-house in addition to law firm partner and associate placements. Previously, Jen was an associate at the law firm White & Case LLP. Jen received her JD from Yale Law School and her BS from Brown University. She has recently been profiled on Vault.com in connection with her own transition from lawyer to recruiter. Jen co-leads LYJ’s Career Workshop for Women Lawyers. Contact jennifer.bird (at) gmail.com.

Lean Out, Lean In: Law Firms Making it Easier to Re-Enter the Workforce

I have not written a post in some time but was inspired to do so when I saw this reference in a recent New York Times article to a program that provides women lawyers returning to the workforce (after years spent caring for children or other family members) with paid internships at top New York

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Secrets of My Success: From Graduation to Full-Time Employment

David graduated from a joint JD/MBA program in May 2010.  Having gone straight from college to graduate school, he was faced with the task of finding his first full-time position out of school and like many law and business students found himself battling an inhospitable market.  He started his job search while in his last

Painting A Vision: The Canvas of Real Life

The following is a guest post by Stephanie Haladner, who has recently launched Women in Law, a global networking and consulting organisation based in London designed to help lawyers bring balance into their lives and enthusiasm into their careers.

Painting a Vision

by Stephanie Haladner

Friend and fellow woman in law Jen Bird recently directed me to her blog ‘Painting a

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Painting a Vision

I was talking to a good friend the other day who recently had a baby and is really loving her life at the moment. In addition to enjoying every moment with her adorable son, she and her husband are both working part-time and so have time to spend with each other and with their

It Happens to Me Too

As most tennis fans know, top seed Roger Federer defeated Tommy Robredo in the fourth round of the U.S. open today to advance to the quarterfinals and move one step closer to a potential sixth consecutive U.S. Open title.

In the post game interview, Federer was asked how he advanced past Robredo, who had

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It’s Not Who You Are, It’s What You Do

An interesting op-ed in the New York Times, “Genius: A Modern View”, by David Brooks maintains that genius isn’t born, it’s made.

Referencing recent books, “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle and “Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin, Mr. Brooks points out that the key factor separating geniuses (ranging from Mozart to Tiger Woods) from the

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Are You Feeling Lucky?

When Felix Frankfurter, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice from 1939 to 1962, was asked how he became successful, he is said to have replied that it was “luck.”  Similarly, Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female justice appointed to the Supreme Court, averred that her appointment to the bench was a “classic example of being the

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Top Ten Social Networking Sites That Can Help You Find A Job

I recently saw on the website, Mashable, a list of one author’s top ten social networking sites for finding a job. His top 10 are:

1. LinkedIn
2. Plaxo
3. Twitter
4. Jobster
5. Facebook
6. Craigslist
7. My Workster
8. Visual CV
9. Jobfox
10. Ecademy

My two favorites on the list are Craigslist (always interesting job postings on there) and LinkedIn (a great way

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Women May Soon Outnumber Men in the Workforce

A recent article in the New York Times, entitled “As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force”, reports that with recent layoffs predominantly affecting men [1], women are poised to soon outnumber men in the workforce. [2]

I think this article is interesting (especially because I hadn’t realized that there were almost equal numbers

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Refuse to Choose!

If you’re the sort of person who has many different interests and feels like you’ll never find one satisfying career path, I recently read a book called “Refuse to Choose!” by Barbara Sher [1] that says you might be what she calls a “Scanner”, someone who has “[i]ntense curiousity about numerous unrelated subjects …

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