Your Dream Job Description

When my LYJ (Love Your Job) Search class starts on Monday, I will be asking participants to draft a description of their ideal job. The clarity that results from this exercise can be extremely helpful. It allows people to better articulate what they are looking for and creates a level of focus for their searches.



When I heard that one of my LYJ students from the fall had been offered her dream job at a renowned institute in Boston, the term “stick-with-it-ness” immediately came to mind.

At any point in the past six months she could have given up on her search, settling for the less than satisfying job she already

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Painting A Vision: The Canvas of Real Life

The following is a guest post by Stephanie Haladner, who has recently launched Women in Law, a global networking and consulting organisation based in London designed to help lawyers bring balance into their lives and enthusiasm into their careers.

Painting a Vision

by Stephanie Haladner

Friend and fellow woman in law Jen Bird recently directed me to her blog ‘Painting a

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LYJ Five Questions for Katja Kullander

I am pleased to kick off a new LYJ series with people who love what they do. We begin with Katja Kullander, a Swede who moved to New York a decade ago to pursue a career in music. Katja is the owner of Sing From Your Heart Music Studio where she teaches voice to people

LYJ (Love Your Job) Search Starts February 1!

I’m excited to offer my fourth class for women jobseekers beginning February 1 for five consecutive Mondays. See all of the details here. I know that 2010 holds much opportunity in store for jobseekers and I’m glad to be able to work with talented women in NYC on their searches. Please email me at lyjnow

LYJ Interview

My good friend Dori Saltzman, a writer and editor, interviewed me about my LYJ Search classes for her blog:

Thanks Dori!

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Welcome to our blog!  The authors of this blog spend a great deal of time thinking of ways to make our jobs, and our lives, more enjoyable.   We thought we’d get a blog started to share some of our ideas and resources related to this topic.  We hope you enjoy …

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