Suzanne Grossman and I are at the beach, having some heart to heart inspirational conversations and informational interviews came up. In spite of the wealth of information out there, it seems like people still have a ton of uncertainties about how to arrange them and what to ask, so I thought I’d share my two favorite questions.

I usually ask these at the end when I’ve gone through my more focused questions.

  • Is there anything I haven’t asked about that you’d like to tell me?
  • Is there anyone else that you recommend I speak to about this topic/this industry/this career?

They both inevitably elicit gems of knowledge or valuable contacts. Often it’s insider advice or a new way of looking at the topic. One woman put me in contact with her book agent then and there.

In my opinion, people like to help others and also like to show that they are knowledgeable. These questions tap into those emotions.

What do you like to ask?