One of my favorite new tools is making Lists of 100. I first wrote one while working with a personal coach who could tell I had lost my way a bit and needed a boost in confidence. She had me make a list of Suzanne’s 100 Gifts. The only rule, she said, was that if I wasn’t sure it was a gift then it went on the list. Writing the list actually came quite easily and once I did it, I kept it on my desk at home where it has made me cheerful to look at.

More recently, I started making Lists of 100 for why I am deserving of something I’m trying to achieve with the idea that we get what we feel deserving of. For example, last year I made a list of 100 Reasons Why I am Entitled to Believe in a Perfect Job for Me. On it were things like: I’m awesome, I follow my heart, I work hard, I’m dependable, I’m creative, I’m fun to work with and be around. Doing both of these lists helped me keep the faith that there was meaningful work out there for me. When this work came to me I felt completely deserving of it and continue to.

Here are some ideas for Lists of 100 from a book called, “Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth” by Kathleen Adams:

1. 100 Things I’m Grateful For

2. 100 Ways I Could Nurture Myself

3. 100 Things I’m Good At

4. 100 Things I Like About Myself

5. 100 Things That Once Scared Me but Don’t Anymore

6. 100 Ways I Can Make Money

7. 100 Jobs/Careers I’d Like to Have

8. 100 Things I’d Do If I Had Six Months to Live

9. 100 Things I Value in Life

10. 100 Things I’d Do If I Had Time

The book actually has a hundred Lists of 100. I’m sure you can come up with your own by looking at where in your life you most need a boost or to loosen up your brain for ideas to come to you. Adams recommends writing the list in one sitting, though I’ve done it both ways, and letting yourself repeat. Enjoy!