Secrets of My Success: From Education to Tech Industry

We all know that the tech industry is where the jobs are, especially if you have the coding skills. But what would it take to break into the field if you have no experience or background in that area? Anh, age 29, took a chance on a career change into tech and it paid off.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job You Love? Secrets of My Success: Profile of Five Women

How long do you have to wait before the right job comes along? In my experience, it depends on a range of factors. The right job may arrive quickly or it could take some time.

I lead quarterly coaching groups for women jobseekers in NYC. When I realized that all five participants in the November/December 2012 Love

Secrets of My Success: From Unsatisfied in a Big Firm to Fulfilled Lawyer

Ana is a lawyer in her early 30’s who was stuck in a well-paid yet unfulfilling and demanding job in a corporate law firm. Here’s how she successfully transitioned to a more satisfying legal position by the close of 2013.
1. How long were you actively jobseeking?
Almost a year and a half. I was employed at

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Secrets of My Success: From “Just a Job” to Passionate Director of PR

Vanessa* is a thirty-something PR, events and marketing professional who just scored a Director of Public Relations job at a major arts and education institution in New York City. How did she bounce back to her dream job after being laid off three years ago? Read Vanessa’s Secrets of My Success:

1. How long were you

Secrets of My Success: From Unemployed M.A. to Arts Organization Membership Manager

Alexandra is a 29-year-old New Yorker with an MA in nonprofit management. Once lacking steady employment after completing her degree, she is now a full-time membership manager at an arts organization. Alexandra received a job offer in her field of choice within two months of the last LYJ class. Here are the secrets of her

Secrets of My Success: From Unhappy in NYC to Exciting New Job in San Francisco

It can be extremely difficult to secure a job in a city across the country when you’re competing against local talent. So how did Emily, a 30-year old marketing professional living in New York City, manage to secure an events/marketing role at a successful media start-up in San Francisco this summer? After four years at

Secrets of My Success: From Unemployed in a New City to Social Justice Professional

Elizabeth, age 25,  moved to New York City in 2010 after working in the health care field, hoping to break into non-profit, social justice work. After almost a year of under-employment and freelance work, she landed a full-time job in her field of choice thanks to a lot of networking, self-care and persistence. Here are

Secrets of My Success: From Graduation to Full-Time Employment

David graduated from a joint JD/MBA program in May 2010.  Having gone straight from college to graduate school, he was faced with the task of finding his first full-time position out of school and like many law and business students found himself battling an inhospitable market.  He started his job search while in his last

Secrets of My Success: From PhD Candidate to Tenure-Track Professor

Deana is in the final year of a PhD program in the humanities and just secured a tenure-track Assistant Professorship at a highly selective small liberal arts college starting in the fall semester. As anyone in academia knows, tenure-track positions are extremely competitive, especially in the current job market. How then did Deana come to

Secrets of My Success: Laid Off to Fantastic New Job in Four Weeks

Melissa is a 27-year old professional with a brand new job at a progressive organization. Instead of resigning herself to the land of the unemployed when she was unexpectedly laid off, she got busy on her job search and the intensive focus paid off.

Here are the secrets to Melissa’s success for landing this fantastic new job:

1. How long