Five Reasons a Vacation Can Help (Not Hinder) Your Job Search

The following is a guest blog post by Emily Lamia, founder of Pivot Journeys:

Finding yourself browsing job postings but your mind is dreaming of lying on a beach in the Caribbean or hiking Machu Picchu?

I’ve definitely been there. I started my career working on political campaigns so I got pretty used to having to find

3 Unexpected Tips For Finding A Job You Love Online

There’s an exhaustive supply of advice out there about how to use LinkedIn for your job search. But what about other online tools for landing a job you love? As a professional career coach, I am always on the lookout for innovative approaches that make the most of the Web. Here are my top three

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Transitioning to a New City, A New Job

Seven months ago I moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. As someone who has lived on the east coast my entire life, it was a huge transition. Challenges included a brand new city, finding a new job, and getting used to a new lifestyle. Looking back, I was anxious, nervous, and also a little

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Will Power Posing Get You the Job?

If you haven’t yet watched social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” I highly recommend you do so, especially if you have a job interview coming up.

In the talk, Cuddy references power poses (along the lines of laying back in your chair with arms open wide) and how these can

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5 Reasons Why People Do NOT Want to Help You (With Your Job Search)

Do you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get people to respond to your requests for job search help or informational interviews? Here’s a list of reasons why people in your network may be reluctant to help you.

While you can’t control all factors, you can influence the process and start

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Are You My Accountability Partner?

Just like running a marathon or achieving a weight loss goal, it helps to have someone to keep you accountable when it comes to job searching. I call this an accountability partner or job search buddy. When women I’m working with on job searches are having a hard time staying on track, I match them up

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job You Love? Secrets of My Success: Profile of Five Women

How long do you have to wait before the right job comes along? In my experience, it depends on a range of factors. The right job may arrive quickly or it could take some time.

I lead quarterly coaching groups for women jobseekers in NYC. When I realized that all five participants in the November/December 2012 Love

Why Women Lawyers Leave

Later this month, my colleague Jennifer Bird and I will be leading our seventh workshop for women attorneys considering a career change, whether within the law or outside the law altogether.

For those outside the law, it’s hard to understand why someone would consider walking away from a high salary in such a well-respected profession. Yet

Lessons Learned from Painful Post Interview Feedback

Recently, I suggested to a client that she may want to ask for feedback after receiving a generic rejection letter following a second interview. I’ve written previously about the value of asking for feedback after a job interview process where you do not get the job, especially for a position you truly wanted. Usually this is

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Lean Out, Lean In: Law Firms Making it Easier to Re-Enter the Workforce

I have not written a post in some time but was inspired to do so when I saw this reference in a recent New York Times article to a program that provides women lawyers returning to the workforce (after years spent caring for children or other family members) with paid internships at top New York

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