Five Reasons a Vacation Can Help (Not Hinder) Your Job Search

The following is a guest blog post by Emily Lamia, founder of Pivot Journeys:

Finding yourself browsing job postings but your mind is dreaming of lying on a beach in the Caribbean or hiking Machu Picchu?

I’ve definitely been there. I started my career working on political campaigns so I got pretty used to having to find

Secrets of My Success: From Education to Tech Industry

We all know that the tech industry is where the jobs are, especially if you have the coding skills. But what would it take to break into the field if you have no experience or background in that area? Anh, age 29, took a chance on a career change into tech and it paid off.

What Color Are You?

I was first introduced to The Color Test when I was 25 and working on a communications team for a reproductive rights advocacy organization. At a staff retreat, a co-worker introduced the test and I remember being surprised and illuminated at how our close-knit team was made up of different types. At my next job

Your Winter Reading List

Winter is a great time for cozying up with a good book especially with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Here are some my favorites to get you through the colder months or even if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere warm.

For Finding a Sense of Purpose / Inspiration on What to Do Next:

Quit Taking It Personally (QTIP!) With Your Job Search

I recently heard this bit of useful advice: keep a bunch of Q-Tips at your desk so that anytime you find yourself taking something personally you can remind yourself to “Quit Taking It Personally.” I love this because so many times I find myself thinking “it’s about me” when really whatever fill-in-the-blank scenario has nothing at

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What Language Do You Use to Promote Yourself?

Take a look at your professional bio, Linkedin profile and how you are introduced.  We have the power to use the language of leadership for creating a condition for our own success as well as for others.

I attended the “The Language of Leadership” a presentation by Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Executive Director of Stanford University’s Michelle

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Will Power Posing Get You the Job?

If you haven’t yet watched social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” I highly recommend you do so, especially if you have a job interview coming up.

In the talk, Cuddy references power poses (along the lines of laying back in your chair with arms open wide) and how these can

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5 Reasons Why People Do NOT Want to Help You (With Your Job Search)

Do you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get people to respond to your requests for job search help or informational interviews? Here’s a list of reasons why people in your network may be reluctant to help you.

While you can’t control all factors, you can influence the process and start

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Are You My Accountability Partner?

Just like running a marathon or achieving a weight loss goal, it helps to have someone to keep you accountable when it comes to job searching. I call this an accountability partner or job search buddy. When women I’m working with on job searches are having a hard time staying on track, I match them up

Five Questions for Kat Griffin of

When the Love Your Job blog received its highest number of hits in five years last month from a small mention on, a site dedicated to fashion and career advice for corporate women, I had to learn more about the site and its founder Kat Griffin. A former attorney, Kat started Corporette in 2008