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Suzanne Grossman is a Brooklyn-based writer, job search coach, and women’s leadership specialist. She is a founder of Love Your Job (LYJ) Search, a series of classes that support women in achieving fulfilling work at the compensation they deserve. She also advises college students, teaching them practical skills and sharing information on how to make the leap to satisfying careers. Suzanne has a BA in Psychology from Tufts University and a Master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University. She also has a blog page on the Huffington Post. See testimonials on Suzanne’s success working with women jobseekers. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @LYJnow and @Suzanne_LYJnow. Contact lyjnow (at) gmail.com.

Five Questions for Kat Griffin of Corporette.com

When the Love Your Job blog received its highest number of hits in five years last month from a small mention on Corporette.com, a site dedicated to fashion and career advice for corporate women, I had to learn more about the site and its founder Kat Griffin. A former attorney, Kat started Corporette in 2008

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job You Love? Secrets of My Success: Profile of Five Women

How long do you have to wait before the right job comes along? In my experience, it depends on a range of factors. The right job may arrive quickly or it could take some time.

I lead quarterly coaching groups for women jobseekers in NYC. When I realized that all five participants in the November/December 2012 Love

Five Favorite Networking Tips for Introverts

I was recently asked about the best ways for introverts to become more comfortable with networking. Given it’s such an important part of a job search process and career growth in general, it’s helpful to figure out strategies that will work best for you. As a no-longer-ashamed introvert, I offer the following tips:

1. Remember networking

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Why Women Lawyers Leave

Later this month, my colleague Jennifer Bird and I will be leading our seventh workshop for women attorneys considering a career change, whether within the law or outside the law altogether.

For those outside the law, it’s hard to understand why someone would consider walking away from a high salary in such a well-respected profession. Yet

Lessons Learned from Painful Post Interview Feedback

Recently, I suggested to a client that she may want to ask for feedback after receiving a generic rejection letter following a second interview. I’ve written previously about the value of asking for feedback after a job interview process where you do not get the job, especially for a position you truly wanted. Usually this is

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“Real Happiness at Work” is an Inside Job

When LYJ client Olivia Greene* mentioned that she was feeling happier at work as a result of reading meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg’s latest book, I asked her if she would write a review, sharing some of her biggest takeaways.

Here’s Olivia’s guest post:

In Real Happiness at Work, Sharon Salzberg’s first question to her readers is,

What Energizes and Restores You: Toward Doing More of What You Love

At a recent all day retreat with the always wonderful Tama Kieves, I determined the immediate next step for me was making a list of what energizes and restores me versus what drains me in order to create more spaciousness in my life. Especially during the winter months, it can be easy to get caught up

No. 1 Interview Preparation Step You May Not Be Doing

I learned a favorite new tool when it comes to interview preparation and am amazed I haven’t done this myself for job interviews. Here it is for when you are vying for your next new position:

Create a spreadsheet. (I personally like Google Docs spreadsheets because you can open them anywhere). In column one, pull out

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Secrets of My Success: From Unsatisfied in a Big Firm to Fulfilled Lawyer

Ana is a lawyer in her early 30’s who was stuck in a well-paid yet unfulfilling and demanding job in a corporate law firm. Here’s how she successfully transitioned to a more satisfying legal position by the close of 2013.
1. How long were you actively jobseeking?
Almost a year and a half. I was employed at

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Whether or Not to Quit Your Job

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” is not just a song by the English punk band The Clash. It’s also a question many people ask themselves when it comes to demanding or unhappy work situations.

Recently, I received the following question from a LYJ (Love Your Job) Search alumna: “I’m contemplating quitting without having